Donations are critical to nonprofits and achieving your vision. We provide a full suite of secure payment tools to accept donations quickly and easily. Your donors can pay in a variety ways allowing them flexibility while you continue to build donations in multiple channels including in person, online and at events.

Mobile Donations

Donations via Mobile Phones

Online Donations

Accept Donations via Your Website

Recurring Donations

Accept Repeat Donations


Accepting donations is very important for nonprofit organizations and First American provides a variety of tools through our subsidiary, iATS Payments. With an understanding of the payment solutions and tools nonprofits need, our suite of solutions will assist in increasing your donations and improving your fundraising experience.

Our suite of payment products for nonprofit organizations includes:

  • Donation acceptance tools both online and in person
  • Recurring payment functionality allowing donors to consistently donate via credit card or ACH
  • Payment tools customized for Facebook to allow your Fans to donate to your cause
  • Integrated payments with the Nonprofit Success Pack
  • Payment page builders allowing you to quickly and efficiently build multiple payment pages on your website with no developer required
  • International payment processing solutions in over 40+ countries