Accept payments anywhere!

In today’s marketplace, businesses come in varying sizes and mobility. Regardless of size and scope, it is the buying power of the customers that helps ensure success. With Constant Payment Solutions wireless credit card processing, your business can maximize your customers’ buying power from any point of sale! Wireless credit card processing, together with wireless billing, creates a powerful transaction tool that allows you to accept credit cards regardless of the size of your business.

How You Benefit

Ease of use

Wireless point of sale units are small, lightweight and portable, so you can carry one in your pocket.

More points of sale

Wireless credit card processing brings portability to credit card transactions by accepting payments in places never before possible.

Lower rates

Swiping cards results in hundreds of dollars saved each month.

Reduce risk

Fraudulent and stolen card use decreases with swiping and wireless credit card processing.

Increase security

Reduced cash handling keeps you and your staff safer at your point of sale.

Are you mobile? Wireless credit card processing offers the options you need for wireless merchant accounts that will allow you to accept credit cards for your mobile business.

Apply now to establish your wireless merchant account from Constant Payment Solutions. Get the credit card processing and billing solution your mobile business needs to succeed.