Security is our main priority for all of our payment solutions. That’s why ConstantPaySecure has a built-in suite of security tools. These tools give you peace of mind knowing that your business and your customer’s data is protected even while accepting payments of all kinds.


Security is an important component of payments. Today, there are many different ways that data can be compromised or fraud can be committed. With this in mind, Constant Payment Solutions has invested significantly in the security solutions that make up our ConstantPaySecure product.

ConstantPaySecure includes:

  • EMV technology allowing you to accept EMV payments and reduce card-present fraud
  • Point-to-Point, End-to-End Encryption which changes credit card information into code that can’t be hacked or recognized
  • PCI Compliance which protects you in handling credit card information and keeps it safe to minimize data security issues
  • Fraud Prevention tools used by our team internally in monitoring your account and transactions to ensure there is no fraudulent activity being conducted
  • Data Breach protection covers you in the event of a data breach up to $50,000The combination of all of these solutions in our ConstantPaySecure package help protect your business and your customers, keeping all credit card data safe.