When you partner with Constant Payment Solutions, you get the backing of our internal fraud prevention team working for your business every day. Our team of internal payments experts monitor your transactions to flag any issues of fraud that could be present. If we determine there is potential fraud or actual fraud, we reach out to you immediately. You will have peace of mind knowing that we are working for you each and every day, whether you realize it or not.


Our team of risk experts are constantly monitoring all transactions to identify any risky or fraudulent transactions. Once these are identified, we have a process in place to address or reject the transaction, allowing you to have peace of mind that any problematic payments are addressed.


Our internal processes have resulted in fraud reduction across our portfolio of merchants keeping the merchant and card holder safe and secure.


Our payment hardware and technology is built on advanced security technology. Tools such as EMV, Tokenization and Encryption, PCI Compliance Tools and Data Breach protection compliment our fraud prevention process in order to ensure your transactions will be safe for you and your customers.