The risk of a credit card data breach is substantial, and the consequences could be devastating to a small to mid-sized business. Did you know that a business can incur fines, assessments, and expenses even if a breach of credit card data is only suspected? This could cost thousands – even tens of thousands of dollars.

To help mitigate this risk in the event of a breach, we have enrolled our merchants in our Breach Protection Program.

This new program has been designed to help cover or offset the main financial obligations associated with a breach… to give our merchants the peace of mind that, should they have a breach, they won’t have to close the doors they’ve worked so hard to keep open.


Coverage for major breach risks such as employee dishonesty, skimming devices, hacks, and the physical theft of receipts and equipment.

  • $0 deductible and coverage for up to $50,000
  • Coverage that is fully insured by an A+ rated US-based insurance carrier
  • Protection even if the merchant is not yet PCI DSS compliant
  • An easy-to-use online merchant portal and friendly customer service to help merchants if they have a breach claim
  • And most importantly, peace of mind